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Super Bowl and Mardi Gras

By February 21, 2010 No Comments

I went with Rusty & Linda to their friends house, on the other side of the lake, in order to watch the Saints win the Super Bowl.  They invited me to have some King Kake ( a tradition of Mardi Gras) and it was awesome.  Two days later we all went to Canal St (separates the French Quarter and The Central Business District) in order to watch the Super Bowl Parade.  They had to cancel a Mardi Gras parade for this one (as the locals say “only in New Orleans do you cancel one party for another one”).  The Parade was absolutely packed!!!

 On Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I went to Mardi Gras parades.  The first two days I was in uptown with the son of the couple, who let me watch the Super Bowl at their house.  It was very cool since there were no barricades and you could walk right up to the floats.  The last two days I was next to Bourbon St.  It was fun also and not nearly as risqué and dangerous as I was led to believe.  On Sunday I went to my first Catholic Mass at St Louis Cathedral.  Every day I met people who were very nice and cool to hang out with.

 The rest of the week I relaxed and then flew back to Houston to be with a friend who’s dad just pasted away.

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