After seven years of living and working in the Caribbean has shown me that we have amazing sunsets down here. It is as if God pulls out a different color paletteĀ for each day and you never know what you are going to get. The best part is I do not get tired of seeing amazing sunsets…..even though it seems I have them everyday.

A couple things I think make them so great down here are the fact that in some bays you can see the horizon and other times we have islands as back drops. Also, being in the tropics puts the sun at a fantastic angle. But the best part is that fact that we almost always have scattered clouds that are big and puffy. This is important because it gives the sun something to reflect off of, which simply adds to the effect.

I have so many photos of sunsets from down here in paradise I have a tough time picking one that is my favorite. In fact, just in the last two weeks my guest and I have enjoyed photographing so many of them that I am over whelmed with sunset photos. That is why I chose to make this the “Week of Sunsets”, meaning that all the “Photos of the Day” will be of sunsets this week. I started the week off with my Iceland-Ring Road travel video, which has a great location behind a waterfall to take a sunset photo from, and yesterday’s photo was a great sunset. Just to add to the delight I will have another tomorrow and finish with another on Friday. Saturday I will have a guest blog listing the 25 best places in the world for sunsets.

Now I have to ask you, do you like sunsets? Do you want to come down and spend a week with me looking for the perfect sunset? I would love to have you aboard and help search for the perfect one!


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