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Summary of our time in Jordan!

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Today is our last day in Jordan and we spent it in Aqaba at Bernice Resort on the Red Sea. I have to admit I am spoiled when it comes to beaches, because this beach was rocky, the air was very hot and dry (felt like a sauna), and over all I was not impressed. At least Melek made it a wonderfully relaxing day.

I am going to let her wrap up the week for us, but there are two more “photos of the day” coming the next two days and then I will start writing about being in Russia where I met my dad in St Petersburg. If you would like to continue to follow my “Planes, Trains, and Automobile World Tour” then LIKE me on Facebook so you do not miss a single blog or photo.

Red Sea from Aqaba

This was where we spent our last day. Relaxing by the Red Sea in Aqaba.

Melek – I think there are many things I learned from this trip.

First and the most important – don’t have any prejudices about any place or people as they can surprise you.

There are good people in every country, in every religion and I just love hearing their stories as it helps you understand those people and culture better.

Smiling is the key for many things even when you don’t understand each other, you can show them your sympathy and connect.

You might be scared of things but you can still try and after trying you might even love doing it!

Aqaba hotel

Our hotel in Aqaba had an alligator waiting for us as we walked in. I guess I got too close.

And it is important who you’re travelling with as it can make your trip much better or worse. I was lucky to have Shane with me, pushing me to try new things, helping me, and talking to me when I was scared and said “I cannot do it”.

Thank you Shane “My Guiding Light” it was a great trip and you made it much better and fun!

I can’t wait for the next adventure; maybe we should plan a trip to Africa?! 🙂

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