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The Sulphur Springs and drive-in volcano are other worldly unique for the Caribbean

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Sulphur Springs 3

Sulphur Springs 1The drive-in volcano is the only such place in the entire Caribbean and the Sulphur Springs sits in the middle of it. Both are part of the Piton Management Area, which is a World Heritage Site. This was the first place we visited during our half day tour with Murry (phone: 1 758 488 1357) out of Soufriere.

The volcano is still considered active and the last eruption was in 1766. I must admit it was difficult to tell you were inside a volcano since the western wall has collapsed over time and it looked just like other hills in the area…….That is until you see the Sulphur Springs! This Mars looking landscape climbed up the hill and had steam coming from 6-10 different boiling mud holes. Geologically, it looks similar to Yellowstone National Park in the USA and Myvatn in Iceland although this one is quite a bit smaller and goes up a slope instead of being flat. It was mesmerizing to watch the mud boil and the steam rise as a nearby waterfall contributed to the steam of water going past.

Sulphur Springs 2In fact, all that water and mud ended up down the slope a bit at the Mud Baths, which you can enter for a fee. This great little facility packs a lot into the small space it occupies. First the muddy water flows under the bridge and into a square pool that has been built. There is a platform you can stand on and buckets of grey and black mud you can smear onto your body. Besides the obvious exfoliating action you get from the mud, you can make quite an artistic statement on your body with the contrasting mud. Once you are done you hop into the pool and it washes off. I thought the water would be thicker and muddier, but really it just Sulphur water with particles of mud in it giving it a grey color.

Sulphur Springs 4You can leave the four foot deep man made pool and walk 50 feet downstream to a bend that forms a natural pool. This one is only knee deep and half of that is squishy mud, so it is very weird to walk in.

The Sulphur Springs is extremely popular and the highlight of the Piton Management Area, but for good reason. You have to visit and when you do make sure to bring your swim suit and take part of mud bath. If you want there is even a masseuse that will give you a massage for $1 UD a minute when you are down with the baths.

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