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Success at the USVI boat show

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This week I participated in the USVI boat show, where I had the opportunity to talk to 30 or so different charter brokers.  Each one stayed aboard for 20-30 minutes getting to know me one on one and walking through the boat.  They all asked standard questions like where I was from, what I use to do for a living, what my favorite island was, ect.  There were several that are focusing on a certain market, for example one is going after hikers and asked me if I had any ideas.  I think she was sold when I pulled out a trail map of Hassel Island I made personally.

There was a party each night for everyone.  The second night it was a 70’s disco costume party.  Last year the costume party was pirates so I brought a pirate costume down with me.  I liked it enough that I wore it anyways and said I was the one that did not make the Village People group.  The bartenders were the construction worker and the police officer, so it got quite a laugh.  I entered a cooking contest more so the brokers can see that I can cook than to actually win, but it would have been cool to be the captain only vessel and win.  A new friend, Melissa, on Feel The Magic won and her husband Hank said she had been working on it for a couple months.

There was a party at the Governor’s House, his office not where he lives.  Everyone got to meet him and he was very receptive and appreciative to the charter fleet.  Anyone can walk into the lobby of the building and see some of the wonderful artwork, including a couple Pissarro’s, but we were on the 2nd floor where there is even more artwork.  The third picture is of St Croix and was painted in the early 1600’s (it is almost 400 years old…amazing).

All in all it was a great event.  I got to introduce myself to a lot of brokers, had some fun nights, and I met several other boats.

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