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Sunsets at Store Bay on Tobago are unreal

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Store Bay 1

Store Bay is the anchorage on the west coast of Tobago, which gives it an unencumbered view of the golden globe as it settles below the horizon each day. Is this the only reason to be at Store Bay? Heavens no. This is the most popular beach in all of Tobago and it is only a two minute walk from the international airport…..convenient!

There are actually two beaches here separated by a large hotel that has built a manmade harbor. The southern beach is were all the facilities are and you can find just about anything you want in one of the many little kiosks. If you want a little bit more relaxed beach, then you should check out the one north of the hotel. This is just a beach up against the trees with a wonderful little bar that you walk around to get to it. If you are visiting Tobago on a boat then you should consider anchoring off this bar, since it is the best anchorage in Tobago.

From Store Bay you can get almost anything you want since there is a small village spread out from here. You can also get a tour boat out to Buccoo Reef to the north which is a real treat to snorkel. With all that Store Bay has to offer what is the best part? By far it has to be the crystal clear blue water over the sandy bottom. I can’t get enough of that!!!!! Plus there is a small fort here called Fort Milford, but I am going to wait until Tuesday to tell you about that!

Store Bay 2

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