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Still touring New Orleans

By March 14, 2010 No Comments

I went to the French Quarter again and visited the Voodoo museum and had a muffalata for lunch at Central Grocery.  It is amazing how much voodoo is apart of the city.  It even seems to have mixed with the catholic church since there is a modified cross on the steeples.

 After that I walked to a St Patrick’s Parade and then visited the World War 2 museum.  The museum is in New Orleans because the landing boats were designed and manufactured in New Orleans and they were an important part of the war effort.  The museum was good, but the movie was unbelievable.  It was a multi media production in every sense of the word.  The had three main screens and smaller screens popped up every now and then.  Bubbles fell from the sky to be snow and structures came up from the ground.  To top it off Tom Hanks narrated the movie.

 That night I went to the Preservation Hall to listen to jazz.

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