Melek's Birthday Party For Me

For those of you that have been following me for a while, you have just finished reading all about Melek and mine’s six-week cruise through the upper Caribbean. I hope you have enjoyed read all about each island we visited. While you have been reading about the second half of our trip, I went back to the Virgin Islands and finished my charter season, hauled Guiding Light out of the water, and got ready for the next big adventure.

Of course, it is going to begin in Turkey, since I need to meet up with Melek. I flew over to Istanbul on my birthday (July 19th in case you want to put it in your calendar for next year haha) and she had a wonderful little party all ready for me with cake, candles, presents, and……candy. We hung out for several days relaxing, before we headed out on a four-day road trip Melek set up for us. We explored the northwest corner of Turkey and the highlight was the ancient city of Troy. I will tell you all about this great little trip on Tuesday and Thursday, but today I want to let you know what our plans are over the next two months.

On August 2nd we are flying to Morocco and should be wrapping up our tour by the time you read this. We will next take a ferry across the Mediterranean to Spain. From here we will explore parts of Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, and Andorra. After that our plan is to fly to Rome for 4-5 days and then on to Cyprus. We will finish back in Turkey where Melek wants to show me the Aegean coast of Turkey.

By the time we are done it will be early October and we will be back in the States relaxing, working on travel videos, tweaking the website, and getting ready for the next charter season.

I really hope you this quick summary has perked your interested and you will be coming back often to read about our travels and maybe learn a few things for your next big adventure.

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