This spring I will be cruising the Windward Islands

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Me jumping off the Guiding Light

Starting April 19th I am done with Virgin Island charters for the season and will be heading down island again. Last year Melek and I spent six weeks cruising the Leeward Islands (check out the travel videos I made for each island) and this year I plan on spending around three months cruising the Windward Islands. This particular voyage will be very exciting as I explore new islands in the Caribbean.

Would you like to come cruise the Windward Islands with me I would love to have you aboard. I am offering regular one-week charters where you charter the entire boat for the week of your choice or you can charter only one cabin and spend two weeks cruising the Windward Islands with me. If you are interested let me know where you would like to go and I will let you know when I will be there or you can pick a week and I will tell you where I will be at that time.

The island I plan on visiting while I am cruising the Windward Islands are:

Antigua – Being roughly the size of St John in the USVI, this island can be circumnavigated in a week-long charter and has an amazing number of anchorages all the way around it. Anything from the desert anchorages to the very famous English Harbor can be found and the highlight of the island is Nelson’s Dockyard, which is one of only four World Heritage Site in the Caribbean.

Guadeloupe – This large butterfly shaped island has lots to offer aboard and ashore, but the French cuisine and culture that permeates the island stands out. The crown jewel of Guadeloupe is The Saintes, a group of small islands on the south side giving them a mini cruising ground.

Dominica – This island is quite lush, and the people are so friendly. There are plenty of rivers, mountains, and rain forest to explore. Add to the above the boiling lake and hot waterfalls and you have some amazing hiking destinations.

Martinique – This French island offers both exquisite cuisine and culture ashore and great anchorages aboard.

St Lucia – This island offers rainforest and fantastic plantations to explore ashore and anchorages with outstanding beauty. The best anchorage is in sight of the Pitons, another World Heritage Site.

St Vincent & the Grenadines – St Vincent has a steep and wild terrain with a volcano that last erupted in 1979. This was the last to be settled by Europeans and actually was captured and colonized by shipwrecked slaves first. The Grenadines on the other hand are a group of islands that offer better anchorages, more local culture, better underwater experiences, and less boats than the British Virgin Islands. They are crème of the crop for the Caribbean!

Grenada – This is the Spice Island of the Caribbean. Ashore you will find friendly people, photogenic settlements, and wonderful hikes to waterfalls. The southern end has been called a summer camp for cruisers due to the activities available to boaters waiting out hurricane season. Historically, this is the island the US “invaded” to liberate it from a socialist coup.

Trinidad & Tobago – This is the birthplace of the steel drum and is rich in Caribbean culture. Trinidad is more populated and developed while Tobago is more laid back and less traveled.

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