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Sparrow’s Resort is the oasis at the end of an attempted hike around Union Island

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Sparrow's Resort
Sparrow's Resort

These chairs must be made of velcro, because they would not let us up. 🙂

Steve and I had the best of intentions of walking north out of Clifton and looping around to Ashton and then up to the top of The Pinnacle. Then we stumbled into Sparrow’s Resort on the north coast roughly halfway to Ashton and that was then end of it. ????

We said let’s just have a quick drink because we are hot and thirsty. Well that lead us to sitting in the lounge chairs under the umbrellas. If that was not enough to lull you into tranquility and laziness then looking out at the palm tree lined beach 20 feet away will do it with the water lapping at the sand.

Sparrow's Resort - Salt Pond

The salt pond

Being the rugged and nature minded guys that we are, we did make it out of there to check out the giant salt pond a quarter of a mile away. I know most people find salt ponds to be ugly, stinking swamps, but I actually appreciate the ecosystem that thrives in these areas. Of course, these rugged guys abandoned the exploring and quickly opted to surrender back to the manicured grounds of Sparrow’s Resort.

As I fall asleep simply thinking about being back at Sparrow’s Resort, I have so advice for you. When you are on Union Island forget the hike! Just take the free shuttle from Clifton over here and spend the day relaxing at Sparrow’s Resort.

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