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SO I got the joy of peeing in a cup for my job

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As a US Coast Guard licenced captain I have to be randomly drug tested, if you have taken drugs but need to pass the test then I recommend you to take a look at Urinedrugtesthq.com/quick-fix-synthetic-review. The best way to do this is by joining a consortium drug and alcohol testing program. This allows all captains and crews to pool their resources and save money by randomly drawing a certain number of people to get a test each quarter. This way we all do not have to get tested each quarter, yet it is still random and you never know when your name will be called, the only thing is that if one of the tests come up positive the California Center has to take over. there is no option.

Being based in the US Virgin Islands I chose to use the Captain School as my consortium. They are a very well ran organization and I highly recommend them for this task and for any licence and certification you need. In fact I recently renewed my STCW basic safety through them and let them handle my USCG captain licence renewal also. Truth be told I think they helped me get the application done quicker and more accurately so it flew through the process and I got my licence within 2-3 weeks.

Ok back to my story. Each month they ask us for our charter schedule since we have to get tested within 24 hours of being notified. This way they can notify us and we can get tested during a charter turn and not have  to deal with it in the middle of a charter when we are busy taking care of our guest. This quarter is when all the crews start leaving the area because it is slower and hurricane season has started.

Well they got a hold of me with in 3 days of arriving in Dallas. I told her I had no problem complying, but I was not down in the islands. She said no problem, that she could send me the form and a local address to go to. Once I the form she had already printed out direction for me to go to a facility 10 minutes away. Once there the whole process took 10 minutes. It included picking a sealed cup of my choice. They locked all my belonging in a safe and I went to the backroom. The interesting thing is that they throw blue dye in the toilet and you are not allowed to flush. Let me tell you that once you are done peeing you just instinctively reach for the handle. I was able to stop myself and handed over my sample. The lab tech filled two smaller cups, sealed them, and had me sign them. That was it. The next day or so the results were mailed to syntheticurinereview.com and to the consortium and they let me know I passed……like there was any doubt for me. 🙂


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