This week’s blog written by Nancy Williams.

Paul & I arrived on the S/V Guiding Light in the Atlantis Marina late in the afternoon. Shane was not onboard. He was playing in the water park. So Paul & I settled in our cabin and headed out directly to the first and biggest challenge; the Leap of Faith slide, a straight freefall drop of approximately 60’.While I opted out Paul made the ascent to the top of the replica Mayan temple. While standing in line Paul turned around only to find our new captain standing right behind him in line; recognizable by his photo on this very blog. A gift to me! Now the boys could play hard while I rode the gentler slides and stood under several waterfalls seeking a long needed massage. While the Atlantis resort was very luxurious, lots of fun and we enjoyed a really cool aquarium; I found myself longing for the open ocean, quiet, starry skies and a very different kind of excitement.

Next day we motor sailed to the NW side of New Providence and decided to stay for a few days awaiting better winds to sail the 40 miles to Andros. While there Paul & I were able to unwind from our daily life and begin to get quiet. We also learned soon that our good captain enjoyed a good challenge on the game board as well as the sea. So we started a series of battles in the land of Catan (Settlers of Catan board game) as well as several other games.

I had time to do some snorkeling and came upon a large bright orange starfish. I also did some solo kayaking in the open water. Both were a first for me. Now to me this is exciting!

Paul & Shane spent some time cleaning the bottom of the hull.  Paul had no luck fishing that day but while going ashore for some provisions we spied some locals cleaning fish. Paul bargained for a beautiful yellowtail which I prepared for dinner. To our delight Capt Shane plays very well as Chef Shane also. We enjoyed several more dinners prepared by him and spent these first few days getting to know one another and the ways of living aboard the Guiding Light.

On Fri we set sail for South Bight at the northern tip of South Andros. The winds, at 8-10 knots, gave us a delightful sail and lots of time to read, reflect and simply enjoy the sail! As Shane and I were having a quiet chat; Paul decided to take a nap. Suddenly we heard the whir of the fishing reel which Paul had thrown in earlier.

After establishes your snoring frequency, you can work together to create a treatment plan to help with your symptoms.

So while Paul was snoring away Shane had the delight of pulling in a 31” Mahi Mahi. Paul suddenly awoke to the commotion and immediately grabbed the Mahi, bled, and filleted it for yet another delicious meal this time prepared by Chef Shane. Well fed Paul & Shane started a new challenge of Civilization IV, a computerized board game, and I stargazed for awhile and quickly went off to sleep while being rocked gently in the cradle of the Guiding Light!

I am looking forward to exploring the area for the next few days.

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