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Small stories begging to be commented on

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I have to admit I have struggled with the topic of this week’s blog. Since it was my last full week in Dallas, not much has been happening except hanging out with my family and friends.  It finally dawned on me to just have several small stories instead of a big one.

The first story is about my new computer.  I noticed it was getting more and more sluggish over the last several weeks and since Joel was coming into town to see me one last time, I asked him to look at it.  He did some impressive voodoo hoodoo on the machine and determined the hard drive was failing.  As he said I was 5-6 times over the threshold for errors (or something like that).  We went up to Best Buy to get a new drive, which was going to run about $200.  His brother, Damon, was looking around and pointed out some cheap computers.  Turns out for only $150 more I got a brand new computer with twice the RAM, 5 times fast processor, and over 4 times the hard drive space.  SWEET!  I am so happy this all happened while I was here and had such great selection and prices and when Joel was around to transfer everything and get all the settings completed for me.  Thanks again Joel!!!

The second story is a follow up on my Dad.  To catch everyone up, he had a small heart attack on September 19th and a triple bypass a couple days later.  The bypasses went ok, but he nearly bought the farm when they were getting him ready to leave in a day or so.  He started having blood around the heart (blood inside the heart is good – outside is bad) and had emergency surgery where they cracked him open like a walnut for the second time in a week.  This was an extremely touchy time, but since he already owns part of his childhood farm I guess he did not need another one and stuck around.  Of course there are some people who would say he is just too stubborn to give up a Republican vote (he can be a bit opinionated at times 🙂 ).  He finally got released, but a week later was back in the hospital due to low blood pressure.  He now is sporting a fancy pacemaker and has to watch out for microwaves and x-rays (just kidding).  He has not felt good at all this week, until Saturday afternoon.  Then he ate a good dinner, asked to play cards (he is mister card player), and keep me up as he played mine sweeper on the computer.  That last one has me thinking he is well on the way to recovery!

My last story is about my mom.  She told me I should write an entire blog about her since I have written about my friend, brother, niece, and nephew.  Of course when I explained that I did not mention the niece and nephew, but they wrote the blogs themselves and I would let her write a blog if she wanted to, she immediately ran from the room saying no thank you.  The next day she was asking me about the boat and the projects I was having done.  Specifically about the bottom getting painted and whether they turn the boat upside down to paint it.  After a moment she realized how absurd her question was and laughed at her lapse of judgment.

I hope you have enjoyed these stories and it would be great if you would write a comment for everyone below.  You can tell my dad to get better or laugh at my mom.  It would just be nice to have more comments than spam this week.  Thanks.

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