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Have you ever gone skurfing?

By December 20, 2018 No Comments
Skurfing 1

What is skurfing? Haha. Good question. It is when you take a surfboard of paddle board and get towed behind a dinghy as if you were skiing. Thus the name sk (from skiing) and urfing (from surfing).

As goofy as the name is skurfing is a ton of fun as long as you have a compenate driver, flat water, and a paddleboard that is narrow. We learned you should start laying down and let the dinghy get up to speed before you try and stand up. Once you start standing up you want to get up quickly, kind of like how you pop up on a surf board. You should have one foot forward and pointed to the bow of the board and the other one back and perpendicular. This way you get full control of the board and can actually carve the board through the water.

The last time I went skurfing was in Scotland Bay in Trinidad. Everyone aboard gave it a try, but it wass Steve and I that could not get enough of it. We keep taking turns and had ablast burning up the gas. 🙂

What do you think? Do you want to try skurfing? Or are you more of a tubing type of person? Either way they are a blast!!!!!!

Skurfing 2

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