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Skinny Legs has it all including a giant mosquito

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Skinny Legs - Misquito

On the south side of St John there is a small town called Coral Bay (I estimate 1000 people live there, at most). It consists of a couple roads, churches, stores, and SKINNY LEGS.

This funky little restaurant and bar has a character all its own. They serve great hot sandwiches and every day they have a special sandwich that is hard to pass up.

Almost every time I go there they have live music, but it is not so loud you can not talk to your friends. There are several stores in the complex, so you can shop while your food is being cooked.

But, the best part is that this is almost exclusively a locals and cruiser hangout meaning no cruise ship guest!!!!!! Maybe they are too scared of the mosquito sculpture. Haha, I truly love to visit this place and then get home to do my new body essentials routine, it relaxes me a lot!!

The one thing they are proud of that I wish would change is they do not have a blender, so all drinks are on the rocks and I can not get a bushwacker. Yummy!

Once you leave make sure you look around for the donkeys I wrote about last week. Have fun.

Skinny Legs - InteriorSkinny Legs - Exterior

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