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Ski lodge in the desert of the Middle East?

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Ski slope in the mall

Dubai is a shoppers haven and boosts several of the largest malls in the world. Each of these malls has come up with unique attractions to draw people in besides the insane number of stores. At the Dubai Mall they have the largest fountain in the world (tomorrow I will have a photo of the day of it) and the largest aquarium in the world. In fact it two stories tall and filled with rays, sharks, turtles, fish, ect and this is only the free part that anyone can observe. For $20 there is a whole lot more to this complex and it is just one part of the mall complex.

Aquarium in the mall

Now if you think that is amazing wait until you hear what is at the Mall of the Emirates. At this mall they have an indoor ski slope in the middle of the Middle East desert complete with a lodge style restaurant and bar. The slope is 280 feet tall and has five different runs of varying difficult including the first indoor black run. The longest run is a quarter of mile long and the facilities are kept at 30 degrees during the day. A two hour pass cost around $50, so you may be able to snow ski in the desert but you are going to pay a lot for the experience.


Ski slope in the mall

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