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Signs of pre Columbian life on St John is at the Petroglyphs

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Petroglyphs - At Water

The petroglyphs are on the south side of St John and can be reached with an easy walk from Reef Bay or a more challenging hike for Lameshure Bay. It is spring fed so the water level is always at a constant level. Due to it being one of the only reliable fresh water sources on St John this site was very sacred to the Taino indians.

The spring is above the fresh water pool and comes down a “waterfall”. One thing to note is that except for one time I have never seen much more than a trickle coming down the rocks, so don’t get to excited about seeing a waterfall. Haha. 

There are two main spots for the petroglyphs. The first is along the water line of the lower pool. These were carved in an artistic manner to reflect off the near contant water level (the stapel looking symbol has become the symbol for St John). The second set is on the rock on the oppisite side of the tiny stream connecting the two pools. Here the most prominant petroglyph is a face….or a monkey….or the aliens who carved them. 🙂

The entire area is very moist and has a tranqual feel to it. Many times you will see lots of dragonflies and hummingbirds. There are crabs, frogs, and mongoose around also.

This is one of 2-3 sites that has evidence of life before Europeans came to the Americas on St John. Make sure you take the time and check it out. It is worth it!!!

Petroglyphs - At Water line

See how the petroglyphs reflect off the water?

Petroglyphs - On Rock

A couple that are on the large rock










Petroglyphs - Waterfall

As you can see the waterfall does not actually have much water falling

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