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Shipwreck at the head of Soper’s Hole

By February 16, 2017 One Comment
tug shipwrecked

I have seen the above tug boat shipwrecked on the beach at the front of Soper’s Hole Bay everytime I check in. Guest and I have dinghied to it and noticed something underwater. At first I thought it was part of the tug boat and then a barge. Well I finally got the chance to snorkel it and found out it is a large sailboat that sank.

I figure it is a 70 foot or so sailboat laying on its side. The cool thing is that the jib is still roller furled, the lines are still there, but it is covered in coral. It looks like it might have been left unattended and was not prepped for a hurricane which came through and washed it to the front of the bay and dropped it below the water.

As I swam around I saw some dinghies down there and other rubbish also. The shore drops from knee deep to 20 feet within a few strokes. If you get the chance to check this wreck out you should because it is shallow and quick.

dinghy underwater

Check out the dinghy piled up with the other wrecks.

70 foot sailboat

This is the sailboat that is underwater on its side.

One Comment

  • Steve says:

    Does anyone know anything about the history of the tug boat. ? Would love to know the story but couldn’t find anything on the internet.


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