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Selime Monastery was my favorite place in Cappadocia

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turkey-cappadocia-selime-monastery-buildingThis unexpectedly cool monastery is like being in the Goreme Open Air Museum, except the interiors are much more elaborate. What impressed me was how there were passages everywhere. It was amazing walking from one room to the next and then seeing a vaulted ceiling room with a second story looking over the room like a three-sided loft.turkey-cappadocia-selime-monastery-exterior

Throughout this monastery you will find churches and dormitories with carved columns, arches, domed ceilings, and other architectural artwork. There were several rock pillars that turkey-cappadocia-selime-monastery-interior-1housed two different buildings with one on top of the other. There was even an outdoor staircase built through a rock that takes you from a courtyard up to the next level of buildings.The only thing you will not find here is the frescos like in Goreme.turkey-cappadocia-selime-monastery-interior-2

Once you have taken your fill of this gem in Cappadocia your day is not done, because Selime is at the end of Ihlara Valley. This valley is 10 miles long with a river flowing down the middle of it. It is a very


a fresco found on the ceiling of a small church found on the Ihlara Valley hike.

pleasant hike as you descent to the valley floor and walk along the river. There is a lot of history in this valley and you can go off exploring the numerous churches carved into the canyon walls (one of which has a great fresco). In the middle of the hike you will find a tea house with pavilions built out over the river. A totally cool way to relax.





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