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Extra security precautions for down island

By May 17, 2018 2 Comments
Security precautions 1

unfortunately the Windward Island of the Caribbean have a reputation of being a bit rougher than the Virgin Islands. I am sure that most of this is blown out of proportion due to a handful of incidents, but you do need to take extra security precautions down island.

To that end I bought a couple of battery operated motion sensors that I will put on both sides aimed at the sugar scoops, so they will go off if someone come up the stairs. If they work well I will looking at doing something more permanent in my cockpit with a 12 volt motion sensor, light, and horn to replace an old light I do not use.

Another thing I did was to drill a hole in my sliding door track. This way I can leave the door open a little bit to help with the ventilation in my cabin at night, but I will put a clip in the hole and the door can not open enough to let someone inside. Of course, after I did all this I though why did I not just cut a wooden rod to the correct length and lay it in the track?

Of course I will be locking all the hatches at night and when I am not on the boat. Plus, the dinghy always get locked when I am ashore or brought up on the davits at night.

All of this is due to the poor economy and sometimes a local helping themself to something on the boat in order to get a short-term gain, regardless of how it affects the island as a whole in the long run due to less tourism.

Security precautions 2


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