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Secret of Norman Island

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The bight at Norman

Did you know that Norman Island was the inspiration for Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Treasure Island? Well regardless of whether people know this or not they flock to Norman Island to snorkel the Caves and Indians and party on the Willy T.

Luckily There are over a hundred mooring balls in The Bight, as the main bay is known. This is necessary because the harbor is deep (70 feet in some cases) and the only good anchor areas are on the western edge (on a lee shore), Next to the Willy T (lots of noise), and stern-to next to Pirates Bight (no breeze in the hatch). Even with this many moorings there have been a few times no balls were available.

The secret is that to the right of Pirate’s Bight (from the water) there is a concrete pier you can tie up to. It has two sides that can be used for the same price as a mooring (in fact they will come collect the money from you as if you were on a mooring).

Now there is one more option for you when you visit Treasure Island. What do you think?

Dock at Norman Island

If you are desperate for a place to put the boat at Norman Island

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