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Scrub Island has a very polished look

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This weekend my guest surprised everyone aboard by using his Marriott points and getting the boat a slip and everyone the Governor’s Room at Scrub Island Resort.

When I first came to the BVI in 2007 on vacation Scrub Island was appropriately named, because that is all it was. An island filled with scrub brush all over it. Since then it has been turned into a 5 star resort with a fairly protected marina. The rooms are huge and wonderful, the food is fantastic, and the atmosphere is exciting.

But to me the best part is the POOL! It starts up above with an infinity pool containing a swim up bar and a hot tub. From here the water drops over the edge into a small fountain and then into another fountain before forming a waterfall in the lower pool. You are not allowed in the two fountains, but man do they look inviting. As you walk down the stairs to the lower pool you come across a slide, which is one of the best features of this pool.  And oh look there is another swim up bar. How convenient for everyone.


This maybe a place that I recommend guest get a slip for the boat for a night so we can enjoy playing in the pool. Plus they can enjoy everything else about this resort that sprouted from a scrub bush invested island.

Caribbean, British Virgin Islands, Scrub Island,  Guest Bedroom

Caribbean, British Virgin Islands, Scrub Island,
Guest Bedroom

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