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Scotland Bay is a secluded place to get away in Trinidad, except….

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Scotland Bay

While I loved the many places I have seen during my land tours on Trinidad, the one bad part of Trinidad is the lack of places for cruising. As big as the island is there are really only three fishing villages you can reach by boat on the north shore and three places on the northwest corner of the island. The main port for cruisers is Chaguaramas, which was a former US Naval base (largest outside the US actually). There are lots of boat yards and it is a good place to store your boat during hurricane season and there are lots of facilities to work on your boat also.

This is all great, but it give the entire bay an industrial feel and sometimes you want to just get away to somewhere quieter. I have already written about the best place for that, which is Chacachacare and the former leper colony, but there is another bay just around the corner from Chaguaramas. Even though Scotland bay is a mile from the main port it is quite secluded and all you see is nature around you….except for the fishing camps that have been set up by the illegal Venezuelans. Even with these guys living and partying around the bay, the Guiding Light and my friends on Rondo found a good spot to anchor and relax.

We had a blast towing each other on a paddleboard with the dinghy (we call it skurfing and I wrote about it as one of the first Trinidad blog entry) and found a rope swing to play on. In the evening it was actually rather quiet……until the howler monkeys started up that is! How cool is that?

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