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Say hello to my little friend!

By October 19, 2018 No Comments
Me and the tortoise

I am not quoting Al Pacino in Scarface here (ok I was referencing him though), because I really do want to introduce you to this really cool tortoise I saw at Genesis Nature Park in Tobago. I found out the way you can tell a male from a female. A female’s shell is flat on the bottom while a male’s is curved in to accomidate the female’s curved top shell. I found that interesting. Did you?

It was info like that I found out while I visited Michael at Genesis Nature Park. I am going to write all about this amazing place that is a cross from a private zoo and an animal rescue shelter on Sunday, so I hope you come back and join me. The funniest part is as much as I love this photo with a tortoise, it was not even my favorite animal to take a photo with.

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