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Santa Monica Pier…..there is a reason people want to take you there

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Santa Monica Pier 1
Santa Monica Pier 2

Visiting my niece in Los Angeles was great since she had just moved to California recently and had not seen to much of the city. We got to see many things together for the first time including Hollywood, the La Brea Tar Pits, and have chicken feet in Chinatown. I must admit I did not know the last one was a thing and did not think there was any meat there. I can honestly say we tried it and I am good from now on. No more chicken feet for me……kind of fatty and too much work for the little you get, but I digress.

Santa Monica Pier 5

Anyways, one thing that was not new to her and where she wanted to go hang out and show me was the Santa Monica Pier. I had another friend I talked about visiting a few years ago and they suggested the same thing. Turns out for good reason as we enjoyed walking along the pier, seeing the street performers, the Pacific Park rides, checking out the shops and more. All in all we must have spent several hours here.

Santa Monica Pier 3

I was amazed at the fact that the Santa Monica Pier is actually two piers built right next to each other. The first was build in 1909 as a city pier to take sewage past the surf. The second was build in 1916 for entertainment, much like today. It wasn’t until 1974, when the city bought the other pier, that they were both owned together and managed as a single entity.

Santa Monica Pier 4

One tip I want to pass along. I parked on the beach thinking that would be the cheaper and easier option. Turns out there is parking right on the pier and it is even cheaper than down on the beach. Go figure.

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