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Have you ever wanted to go to your own private island? If you said yes then Sandy Cay (pronounce key as in a metal object used to unlock doors) looks like a little perfect  deserted island. No rum shacks here. Just a little bit of sandy beach and a lot of fun if you make it so.

Here is the recipe for fun on Sandy Cay.  What you will need:

  • A boat to get close to the island, but you must swim from the boat to the beach
  • Friends – your peeps
  • a kid or two (they are nice cuz you can throw them in the air, they are light and they float)
  • A tall strong man that can throw you and the kids in the air
  • Flip flops so you can go on the nature trail
  • Waterproof camara to take pics of the nature you will see and your peeps doing handstands

Optional items are:

  • Kayak
  • Beer
  • Noodle for the swim

Gather your ingredients, jump off the front of the boat, and assemble them on the beach where you will proceed to play in the water (handstands optional), throw kids and small women in the air, have chicken fights, and run from the shore into the water to see who can make the biggest splash and look the funniest. When worn out take the nature trail, but watch out for hermit crabs which are everywhere and will steal your shoes.  🙂 Make it to the Tree of Knowledge and get some perspective and enlightenment, or not. Then head back to the boat and realize this was better than any rum bar you have been to.

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