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Salvage operation

By May 14, 2015 No Comments

The other week I pulled into The Bight at Norman Island and found a 25 foot speed boat upside down and mostly underwater on the western end. Of course you know I had to investigate and it turns out there was a fire aboard (very recently since you could still smell charred boat) that seemed to have been on the starboard side towards the back (fuel tank?). The fire burned a hole in the side and the boat filled with water and down it went.

The two 300 hp outboard engines were holding the stern of the boat to the bottom while an air pocket in the bow keep that end afloat (lesson learned don’t go into an air pocket of a recently burned boat because you will get a lung full of gas fumes….I never said I was the smartest person out there 🙂 ).

The next day as we were leaving there was already a savage operation underway. I assume they where going to try and salvage the engines ($25k each?) and dispose of the hull.


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