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Salt Whistle Resort is open for business!!!!!

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Salt Whistle Resort 1

I make a big deal that Salt Whistle Resort on Mayeau is open, because we thought it was shuttered years ago. Our cruising guide said Salt Whistle Resort on the northern part of the bay was closed, but sometimes the bar is open. It also said the bungalows are hidden in the trees and you might not see them from the boat.

Salt Whistle Resort 3After we walked to town and the other bay we headed back and walked the beach. We did see 5-6 cute double roomed bungalows in a wonderful shaded expanse. We both wandered around the grounds and up to one of the bungalows. I keep thinking how beautiful and maintained everything is for a shut down resort. As we approached one of the rooms I could tell that it was furnished and realized some of these bungalows are being used. We did find one that was clearly not and we walked into the ruins. It was cool in the fact it had a roofed patio upstairs.

Salt Whistle Resort 2As we approached the bar one of the staff explained that they just opened Salt Whistle Resort again and have restored 3 of the 5 bungalows and they had several high-end tents available. The tents had carpeting, furnishings, and everything you would want with a shared toilet nearby. It looks like the cliental they are going after are the low key, just relax, take it easy crowd and kite surfers are flocking to Salt Whistle Resort. Apparently, the surfing is great on the windward side of the resort while the leeward side offers a great anchorage. The two are separated by a narrow isthmus and I am told some of the kite surfers like to jump over the beach and into the anchorage. WOW!!!! :O

If you get a chance, make sure you at least have a drink at the bar of Salt Whistle resort. We did and ended up spending the entire evening enjoying a cocktail or two, relaxing in the chairs and hammocks, taking in the perfect palm tree filled beach, and using their wifi!

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