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I would not live without my salt water pump to do dishes!!!!!!

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Using my salt water pump

The Guiding Light came with a salt water pump installed at the galley sink. Actually it came with a salt water pump and a fresh water pump on top of the regular faucet fed by an electric water pump. I never used the fresh water pump and ended up taking it out.

The salt water pump on the other hand, I use it all the time. The salt water pump is used to clean all the food bits off the dishes and then it is used with soap and a sponge to clean all the dishes throughly. The idea is that the dishes are clean by the time you stop using the salt water pump and the fresh water is simply used to rinse off the soap and salt. This arrangement saves so much fresh water.

I have a few boating friends that go through 20-40 gallons a day. They have to use their watermakers every day to keep up. We, on the other hand, usually can go a week or more on the same amount of water. We do other things to save water, but the salt water pump is one of the reasons we do so well. I highly recommend getting one even if other boaters call it old fashion.

I have had a few guest think I was really into the music playing and was dancing in the galley, when in reality I was busy pumping away with the foot pump that brings the salt water to the faucet. 🙂

What do you think? Do you have one on your boat? Will you get one?

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