Saaremaa Island is the largest island in Estonia and has lots to offer

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In order to get to Saaremaa Island you have to take a 30 minute ferry from the mainland, but the good news is that it leaves every half hour or so. The bad news is that instead of taking the same ferry back I took a smaller one straight to Hiiumaa island. This means the ferry schedule was going to give me less time than I would have liked on this amazing island.

What I ended up doing was driving to the town of Kuressaare (which you could spend half a day at least in alone) and driving up the main road to Triigi where I would catch the ferry. Along the way I saw:

Kuressaare Castle – begun in 13th century, it is considered one of the best preserved medieval fortifications in Estonia. The large, square, main building is the focus of your visit and inside you not only get to see the castle and ancient artifacts, but there is also exhibits dedicated to Soviet rule and life behind the Iron Curtain.

Kaali Crater – This small lake is the site of a meteorite impact 7500 year ago. I was amazed that you could still see the crater after all this time.

Angla Windmills – Museum with at least five working windmills from the late 19th to early 20th century that you are allowed to climb into and explore.

Karja Church – Built in the 13th century the church is famous for its many from Romanesque to Gothic and High Gothic style stone sculptures. Also on the ceiling there are several symbols including a devil that looks between its legs (also see cover photo)

I wish I had more time to check out Saaremaa Island because I would have liked to explore the town of Kuressaare more and gone to see the Pidula Manor because it is consider to be one of Estonia’s most attractive baroque manor houses. But there is no crying over spilled milk and I had to catch the ferry since there are only two a day across to Hiiumaa Island, where I am headed to next.

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