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Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

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Ronald Reagan Presidential Library 1
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library 2

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is located north of Los Angeles in Simi Valley. The hacienda style building has an address of 40 Presidential Drive due to him being the 40th president (I thought that was clever). On the drive up there are flags for each president in order of their service until you reach the library.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library 3

So far this has been my favorite presidential library partly because Ronald Reagan was one of my favorite presidents, but more because of how awesome it is laid out. It had all the standard features of a presidential library including an exhibit of his life before and after his presidency, details of his presidency, a recreation of the Oval Office, exhibit dedicated to Nancy Reagan, their graves, and more.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library 4
Check out last Friday’s Photo of the Day for an exterior shot of Air Force One. It is awesome!

What really set this library apart from other presidential libraries is the fact that they have the Boeing 707 he used as Air Force One on display and allow you to walk through it. Even though it was much smaller than I expected the weight of where I was was not lost on me. Five different presidents had flown in the same aircraft I was standing it and ran our country from it, but non more often than President Reagan. I was quite an experience.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library 5
The final resting place of the President and First Lady

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library was dedicated in 1991 and marks the first time in history five US presidents gathered together. As with all the other presidential libraries, this one was paid for by private donations but is maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration as a repository of all archives during President Reagan’s term in office.

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