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When it comes to anchors, Rocna is the best!!!!!!

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Rocna anchor 1

When I first bought the Guiding Light in May 2009 one of the first things I did was replace the old plow style anchor with a brand new 33 kilo Rocna anchor. I have never regretted that decision because that anchor was the bomb! In 9 and half years of cruising and chartering my boat only dragged two times and both were in either oozie mud or loose sea grass. The time in mud was in the ICW near Titusville, FL. I dragged my anchor 200 feet during a thunderstorm pushing up to 75 knots of wind. I know 200 feet sounds like a lot, but the boat anchored next to me dragged his anchor down the ICW for two miles….2 MILES!!!!!

There was a time I anchored close to my buddy in St Thomas to steal some of his wifi. I asked him if he was ok with how close I was anchored and he asked if I still had that 73 pound Rocna. When I said I did, he knew I was not going anywhere!

As with all good things, my Rocna did not last. It was getting more and more rusty and when it came up without the roll bar I knew it was time to replace it. I promptly went to the marine store and asked for a new anchor just like I had. They said they were on backorder and would be here in two weeks, but I could take a different style right now. No way!

Two weeks later I tied a line around the anchor chain and pulled it on the dock to switch out the old anchor with the new one. I also added a Mantus swivel that looks promising. What do you think of the old vs new photos? Quite a difference. If you are looking for a new anchor I HIGHLY recommend a Rocna and the 33 kilo one was perfect for my 41 foot catamaran.

Rocna anchor 2

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