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Roads in Trinidad are no joke

By March 13, 2020 No Comments

I hope you liked reading about the Pitch lake two day ago and watching Holly, James, and I playing in the mud volcano yesterday. We were able to do these adventure, and the ones coming up, because I rented a car in Chaguaramas through Jesse James (he runs a tour company and is super helpful to cruisers). It was not the best car, but with Carnival happening in the next week, it was all I could find.

Anyways, as we were driving back from the mud volcano I hit another pothole. It is not easy to miss all the potholes in Trinidad, which is probably why you will find so many tire shops (they call them Tyre Shops). If you drive through a village you will see 3-6 depending on the size of the village and you do not have to go more than 5 miles before you see another one.

Not only are they everywhere, they are cheap and super fast. We found this out because on that last pothole the sidewall blew out on the back wheel and I had to replace it. We were in and out within 10 minutes and putting on the “new” used tire ran $27 total. Luckily though we did not blow out anymore tires…….but I did find several more potholes. Haha

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