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Remembering a great night

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This blog is going to a reminiscent of a great night a couple weeks ago more than informative, but I hope you enjoy it none the less.

I had two wonderful couples in their mid 40s aboard celebrating their 25th and 26th anniversaries. The guys told me before they came that they wanted to get some cigars in St James and asked if it would be ok to smoke them on the boat. First off I told them to wait and get them in the BVI, because they would be able to get Cuban cigars there and second that it was ok if they stayed on the bottom step on the back of the boat.

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They came back to the boat one day on their charter with three Cohibas and offered one to me. Well since it had been almost a year since I had a cigar (walking along a beach, in the moonlight, with a beautiful lady…..nice memory but I digress) I gratefully accepted their offer. After we lit up on the back step I said forget this and said lets head to the trampoline so we can spread out (to paraphrase the movie…its good to be the captain!). With a glass of Key Lime Rum on the rocks and a cigar in hand there was nothing to do but sit, relax, and enjoy.

What a great night!!!!!! 

Enjoying a cigar on my boat 

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