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Recollections of Mini Mermaid Pirate McGee

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Mermaid Pirate  SVI - Culebra - Dikety - Cut In The Reef Wildlife - Brittle StarfishZoe & Bella

[Shane – Zoe is the 13 year old daughter of Leala, who has written several blogs as Mermaid Pirate McGee, and she joined the boat at the end of the season on the week long trip through the Spanish VI.  This was the same time my friends Kris, Bella, and Don were aboard]

My time on the Guiding Light was really cool and we did a lot of super fun stuff. Even my first day in St. Thomas when my mom and I went to this beautiful beach with amazingly clear water, and an iguana! But, a couple of my favorite things that we did was when, we went to Culebra and we snorkeled to this really interesting reef that you can literarily just walk on [Shane – You can read about this next Sunday…I promise], I also got to hold a brittle starfish and a short spine sea urchin which was really interesting to hold because it suctioned onto you. 😛

One other cool thing we did is we went to this secluded beach where there was nobody there and we just played in the water, then went on a walk to this abandoned light house where there were TONS of land hermit crabs it was crazy! On the walk we kept seeing them walk across the path it was really hard not to step on them (I might have kicked a few though 0.0)

Then during one of the times we were snorkeling with Captain Shane, while we were snorkeling he suddenly went down 20 feet to the bottom and picked up something that was white and at first I thought it was an egg shell but once he got to the surface it turned out it was a sea urchin skeleton which was awesome and the more we swam the more we found they were everywhere! Once we picked up probably nearly 8 urchins we decided to move on and right as we swam over the reef I saw something that looked like a sand dollar and before I could even tap him he had already grabbed and it turned out to be a sea biscuit!

We also found a HUGE sea biscuit that was at least 8 inches long while snorkeling near a different island with Shane and Bella (another girl that was on the boat) but sadly soon after he picked it up it broke 🙁 but it was super cool to look at.

So whether it was being thrown off the side of the boat by the Captain (yes he will do that) or playing Settlers of Catan or eating all the sugary goodness dessert that we made every night, it was a really great experience with really great people and I am very thankful that I got to go on this amazing trip. [Shane – Zoe it was wonderful having you aboard!!!!]

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