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I know it is early, but the Ram Head hike to see the sun rise is worth it

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Ram Head hike - Sunrise

Every now and then I get guest that let me take them to the south side of St John instead of the BVI and they are rewarded with beautiful, quiet anchorages surrounded with nature. One such time I was anchored in Salt Pond Bay with a family of five and three of them wanted to do the Ram Head hike to the southern most point on St John, but they wanted to do it early in the morning in order to see the sunrise from the end. Therefor we got up at 5:15am and it was worth it.

Ram Head hike - getting readyTo do the hike you start from Salt Pond Bay and walk to the end of the beach (the right side as looking from the boat). From here you will walk over the rocky shore to the end of the bay before you find the trail taking you out there.You have to hike up a small hill and then descend down tothe next beach called Blue Cobblestone Beach, because it is covered in, you guessed it, blue cobblestones. You have to be careful on the stones, so you don’t twist an ankle, as you walk all the way down the beach. You will finally find a pile of rocks at the end of the cobblestone beach showing you the trail heading up.

Ram Head hike - the best partFrom here on is my favorite part, because once to walk the switchbacks and climb halfway up the air is hot and still….that is until you get to the Wind Tunnel. This is a cut in the rock that there is no wind in one spot and then the next you will get blown over. From here on up it is plenty breezy and beautiful as you see the hill side covered in turks head cactus.

Once you reach the summit make sure you check out the short spur to the right that takes you onto a rock a little lower, but further out. From here it is straight down to the sea, so you might want to turn back, haha.

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