Me In Foul Weather Gear

Today I was asked a question I get all the time and that is “does it rain a lot and should I bring my rain gear?” The truth is that it probably rains on average every other day here in the Virgin Islands….but it is only for about 15 minutes. That is not even enough time to get rain gear out, much less worth the effort. What it is quick passing rain clouds and will be sunny again soon.

With all the above said about three times a year we will get unsettled weather and it will rain for 3-7 days. My first charter was during one of these times a few weeks ago. David and I still snorkeled and sailed in between the rain, but we watched more movies than a usual charter and when it was time to take him to shore, so he could catch his ferry, we both had to don our foul weather gear it was raining so much.

I wanted to share a photo of me in my gear, because the last time I had it on was in the Bahamas in 2011.

Me In Foul Weather Gear

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