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Rain forest drive across Tobago is filled with great views

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Rain Forest 1

Rain Forest 3After we left Argyle Waterfall that I told you about on Sunday, Steve and I decided to drive over the mountains to get to the north shore by doing a rain forest drive. The road is right next to the waterfall and it is a peaceful drive with lots of great scenery. At the top of the hills there is a visitor center that was closed when we drove by, but the view was work a stop as we gazed down the slopes at all the greenery.

Rain Forest 2A funny story about the drive, Steve and I came up to a sign that said “depression 100 meters ahead proceed with caution”. Both of us said the same thing at the same time, we said “hum I feel pretty good and we are optimistic guys, but we will be careful when we get to the depression stage”. Hahaha.

Rain Forest 4The entire rain forest is a nature reserve and so you will find very little in the way of civilizations along the way. The one thing we did see some was livestock tied to leashes here and there even though there were signs saying “no livestock”. What to do? We also ran into small waterfalls here and there that seem to really only be known by the locals of that area, but they were loving the watering hole.

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