When rain clouds follow you!

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[Shane – my girlfriend was able to visit me from Turkey a couple weeks ago and she has written a couples blogs for you guys to read. Enjoy!]

When you’re sailing around the Caribbean you get rain pouring down from time to time. Its generally only for 10 to 15 minutes! But there was something about us being on a dinghy! One night we were coming back from a friend’s birthday party around 10pm and we had a dinghy ride of less than 10 minutes. Well all of a sudden it started raining even though a minute ago there were clear skies and stars twinkling! It was pouring down and with the wind it was chilly! Of course there was nothing to do, so we got wet!

Another night we got ready to go out for dinner! We dressed nicely and got in the dinghy and was sure there would be no rain. We got in the dinghy and after just a minute it was pouring down again. We continued for a bit, but it got heavier so we turned back to the boat. As soon as we got on to the boat it stopped!

Thinking about the times it rained when we were lying on the trampoline watching the stars I think the rain clouds were actually following us and having fun! Saying “Oh they are out we need to go and get them wet :)”.

Regardless, I have to say it was fun!

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