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Puerto Rican observations

By November 10, 2013 3 Comments

My parents over looking Condado BR & DDLimesCoffee Up CloseHaving spent the last two weeks in Puerto Rico I have observed a few things.

1)  The people here have been so nice.  Everyone has tried so hard to be helpful, even if they don’t speak English.  In fact a couple waitress apologized,  because their English was not that good (despite the fact we were able to understand them), when in fact we were the non native and should expect some language issues.

2)  The roads are not that bad here, but watch out for the manhole covers.  It seems like the city planners purposely placed then six inches lower than the street.  When you hit them you feel like you left half a rim behind.

3)  Given how the locals drive, my dad must be half Puerto Rican.  They love to weave in and out of traffic, honk the horn, and get there as fast as possible.  Watch out at turns, because there seems to be no problem with two cars turning where there is only one lane.

4)  If you want a great place to stay in San Juan, check out the Condado area.  This neighborhood is just east of Old San Juan and is a wonderful mix of residential and hotels.  As you walk around the area you notice you are right in the middle of a local’s area and feel more a part of the city.

5)  The national restaurant chain down here must be Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts combination store.  They seem to be everywhere!  I mean when is the last time you were somewhere McDonalds was out numbered?  I personally think it is awesome.  The perfect breakfast followed by the perfect dinner later in the day.  🙂

6)  For some unexplained reason almost anywhere you go and ask for water with lemon you will get limes instead.  It taste good, but is odd since there are lemons around.

7)  Just north of Ponce on the south coast you can find the coffee growers and Hacienda Pomarrosa is a great plantation to visit.  They grow and roast higher end specialty coffees.  I have been to salt and sugar plantations, but this was the first coffee and it was interesting to see the process turning this red berry into the legal drug half the people I know crave.  🙂

Do you have any observations about this wonderful territory?


  • Shane says:


    I have not seen any crime or other issues while I have been here. In fact everyone has been nice and helpful. In Ponce I only did the coffee plantation yesterday, so I can’t give you much advise on the south coast. As far as seeing Culebra and Vieques, you should come back aboard the Guiding Light and let me show you around!!!! I would love to have you back and I think the SVI has a lot to offer.

  • victor says:

    Hi Shane – I’ve heard pro/con about PR. etc. crime and all that nonsense. Ponce seems like the idea locale with the history but did you stop in Guanica? Looking for recommendations to stay on south shore. Of course would somehow need to fit in Culebra and Vieques but there is only so much time and money. Both sucks me dry…. ;-(

  • Bill McClellan says:

    Discovering these parts of Puerto Rico with Shane has been an awesome experience.

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