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Planes, Phones, and Parents

By November 3, 2013 One Comment

Stuff to upgrade the boatThe angel in the airportAfter a wonderful, relaxing, and yet productive time off the boat I flew back to Puerto Rico with my parents in tow.  Besides enjoying their company I need to use them as pack mules.  You see Southwest Airlines flies to Puerto Rico now and they allow you to have two checked bags for free and with new mattresses, toilets, and other goodies I had ten packages to check.  This means six were free and we had to pay for only four of them.  Plus when you get to the final destination with ten packages, having someone help you get it to the curb while someone else gets the car is huge.  On top of that we packed the car and had to leave my dad with four of the packages while mom and I went to the hotel to drop off the load and then pick him up.  Lucky for me I met an angel at the airport in Dallas.

One of the projects I am having done is brand new solon cushions and Carol at Atlantic Canvas & Sails has done a fantastic job.  All that is left to do is a couple adjustments and put a strip on the curtains that the hooks attach to in order to hang them.  I want to wait until I have the curtains up to take photos and share with you.

One story I do want to share involves my mom, and you all remember how I like stories that make fun of them.  She just got a brand new phone and  was playing around with it by texting my brother and I.  She then complained the text did not show up grouped by who sent them.  I fiddled with it for a bit and then asked her if she deleted her texts from Vance and me.  She said yes and I had to explain that texts are only grouped by person if she actually has texts on her phone.

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