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Picked up books for schools in The Bahamas

By December 12, 2010 No Comments

On Sunday I met a representative of the Seven Seas Sailing Association in order to pick up boxes of books donated for schools in The Bahamas. I originally stated I could take 10 boxes, but they were smaller than I thought so I volunteered to take the remaining 20 boxes he had left also (see the new philanthropy tab for more info). He lives near Ft Pierce, which is where I was headed, and asked if I could stop by his dock in order to load the boxes onto the boat. Afterwards he told me I could stay the night on the dock, drove me to the grocery store, and took me to a friend of his that sold fishing spears (I got two so watch out 🙂 ). I really appreciate his kindness.

On Monday I sailed outside to North Palm Beach where I hung out for a couple days anchored in the north part of Lake Worth. There was a mall nearby so I bought a MP3 player. This way I don’t have to have the computer running while listening to music. I was going to leave on Thursday but woke up to rain and decided to stay one more day.

I sailed to Ft Lauderdale on a warm and sunny day (it has been in the 50’s and 60’s for four or five days). I anchored in Lake Sylvia (a perfect anchorage in the middle of the city, but you can only stay for 24 hours) just north of Port Everglades. Yesterday I rode my bike to West Marine and Sailorman (a used marine store) and bought parts and supplies for my trip to The Bahamas. Of course I still need a few more supplies and I have provisioning to do in Miami.

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