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Best turtle photo ever

I am sure many of you are aware that I do “Photos of the Day” three times a week. During my chartering season they are posted on Monday – of guest, Wednesday – underwater, and Friday – misc stuff, but during the offseason I post pictures of my travels around the world.

I started doing this because I was taking pictures that I think are great shots, have amazing colors, or are of things I think are interesting and I wanted a way to share them with people. I am by no means a professional photographer, but there are many shots that I am quite proud of. What do you think of samples I have attached?

What some of you may not know is that I also post these “Photos of the Day” on my Instagram account, svGuidingLight, and I would love to have you following me, I love Instagram followers and I interact with them pretty often.

Hanging out with the monkeys

Santiago Cay off Puerto Rico has over 700 monkeys.

Distillery bottles

These bottles are used to make rum and are over 150 years old. They can be found at Calloway Rum in Cane Garden Bay

Glass sweepers at Norman caves

This school is always right inside the entrance of the south cave on Norman Island.


Love locks along the hiking trail of Cinque Terre.

Love locks along the hiking trail of Cinque Terre.

Effiel Tower

What do you think of that angle? I love the street sign!

Leaning Tower of Pisa

How’s that for a perspective?

Michael With A Turtle

Sometimes you can be taking photos at a spot you always do, when everything just lines up for an over the top one. This photo is one of those cases as both the turtle and Michael turn towards me at the same time. Awesome!

Halo Rainbow With The Mast

This was a halo rainbow around the sun we saw one day. I usedthe high speed burst setting since the waves were bucking us all over the place. Once I found the one where the mast covered the sun I knew I had my photo.

Jumping off a rock

This photo was not on purpose, since the camera focused on the waterdrops on the underwater housing which I had to learn how to clean camera lenses, a complete guide to get this shot, but I think the effect is wicked cool. What do you think?


Swing at Cooper Island

Perfect spot on Cooper Island.

Snorkeling below turtle

I love this photo. It required me to dive below this turtle swimming along a reef before my guest started diving sown to see it. Due to the backlighting I had to play with the contract and midtones a lot.

Palmintoes - What an office view

What do you think of my office view? This is Palmintoes off the east coast of Puerto Rico






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