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  • Shane says:


    Your comment came as a bit of a surprise being that is was simply a photo of a cannon at the fort, but you are correct about the tragic events that happened in the 15th-19th centuries. It is a shame all around that humans thought they could own another human. from the Africans who captured and sold their fellow Africans to Europeans who transported them to the “New World” to work the cash crop plantations.

    It is a sad part of the world’s history just like all forms of slavery throughout history even before history was written down. Slavery has always been apart of society and it is sad, because it is still with us today in the form of debt service, child soldiers, sex slaves, and any other form where a human being does not have the right or ability to say no and leave.

    So while you history about slavery during the colonial period is accurate, it is in the past and I ask you what you and others are doing to help the slaves in the world today?


  • jette M. Abildgaard says:

    True Shane…to protect Christiansted and…..did you know…??

    The cannon also pointed at the black Slaveships when they sailed into Christiansted fully loaded with slaves brought from Ghana, Africa and….

    In the year 1768 the most well known European Slaveship Fredensborg entered Christiansted…again…and, again loaded with slaves…264 men, women and children who were sold on the market close to this fort! This time however was a bit different as the Danes knew the slavetrade would be abolished in the near future and, they wanted to be sure they would have enough slaves in the years to come so…what did they do???

    The “clever” Danes did as the Law required – they sold the slaves on the slave market close to the fort in Christiansted and guess what they then did….oh no,. this is what we do not talk about….or rather, this is what have been left out of the “true” Danish history: They reloaded the slaves in order to take them to the cold…extremely cold North in order to breed on them…..only in 1768 it all went wrong…..

    On the 1st of December the slave ship Fredensborg wrecked outside Tromoy in Norway when she was on her way beck to Copenhagen…fully loaded….according to history, she was loaded with sugar, ivory etc. which is true…..only —history “forget” to tell what was also in her cargo on this icecold December night outside Tromoy…. but, history does tell about all the crew members saved and, all passengers saved and…the log book saved…history doesn’t lie…….and likewise true….sugar couldn’t be refound hundreds of years later when the wreck was found… 1974..

    In the cargo was a lot of chains though…chains for feet and chains for hands but….who cares now all these years after (we are however…somew people who wonder what happened to all the bones found..)??? Or…are we somebody who still care…still find it highly on time the Caribbean Nations are taking the old Colonial Countries to Court for their incredible crimes/genocides done in the past and….maybe not just in the past…..could it be they’re are now repeating….slaugtering their own???? Oh no…I am sure ‘history’ can be written in a ‘true’ way again…….or???

    I will leave it up to the reader to decide if I am writing the truth here and, just let you know that the black Slave ship Fredensborg was a 100 foot fregate…..remember I just wrote 264 slaves…chained….on the 1st of December outside the coast of Norway…!!!

    The above is just a few of the things you in 2014 can take the time to reflect on, when you are sitting next to the cannon on the fort in Christiansted watching the ships, boats and yachts passing by in the beautiful Caribbean sea….

    Denmark was the last Country to stop trading slaves…they are not evil as such…but the money was good…as they still are now… 2014…..when they admit they slaughter their own but, as the man I spoke with tried to convince me…”it’s not that many Jette”…I see!???

    If anyone need/want proof of what I’ve just written here, feel free to contact me…

    Happy Sunday and…love to the Caribbean…


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