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Petit Byahaut is an unknown anchorage on St Vincent

By July 1, 2018 One Comment
Petit Byahaut

Last week I wrote how we checked out of St Lucia at Vieux Fort instead of Soufriere and all the hassle that caused. Well, since we did not raise anchor until after 11am we did not have enough daylight to make the sail all the way to Bequia in the Grenadines (about 45 miles) we had to stop along St Vincent. As we sailed along the coast we were amazed how unpopulated, wild, and rough the northern half of St Vincent was (check out the photo). We sailed until about 6pm, giving us an hour of daylight as a grace, and ended up anchoring in Petit Byahaut.

This turned out to be perfect, because it was right after the St Vincent coast started heading southeast and gave us a great 10-mile sail to Bequia the next morning. The part I loved the most about Petit Byahaut is that it is completely deserted. There are no buildings or even a road to the bay, meaning we had it all to ourselves.

As we were heading in Petit Byahaut was deep, very deep, and I keep wondering if we would actually be able to anchor in here as we headed closer and closer to shore. It finally did shoal up and we found 20 feet of water 300 or so feet from shore and the two sides of the bay. Once in Petit Byahaut it was perfect (although a southern swell will be able to make it into the bay) and the snorkeling on the sides is great.

So if you need a quiet place for the night, Petit Byahaut is a nice bay away from other boats, bars, boat boys, etc.

One Comment

  • john thomas says:

    Totally a great place…Did you explore the abandoned hotel and the out buildings?? It used to be a great stop over when the place was inhabited, a crunchy couple ran the place…Ice cold drinks, dinner and you could get your scuba tanks refilled, if you had enough nerve you could dive into the cave at the entrance to the harbor and dive the volcano lava tube to the base…110ft of water with large Jacks and Cero!!! Insane head first dive with your tank on your stomach for max clearance!!!

    Some snorkel cats come in now and then but overall a totally wild anchorage…

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