Parnu is Estonia’s summer capital

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In late August I finished up my Estonian visit with a couple days in Parnu, know as the summer capital of Parnu due to the beach and all the spas. Well the first day I took a bus and ferry to visit nearby Kihnu Island, which I wrote about on Friday. The second day I spent walking around town and you can easy tell it is a beach resort town with all the hotels, restaurants, and bars around. Plus the beach kind of gives it away. Haha

The old town gate on the road from Tallin

I was given a map with a walking trail around town and decided to follow it as a way to explore the town. It was a good, well thought out route and I saw a couple older churches, town hall, memorials, etc, but I don’t want to bore you with the details and instead focus on the parts I liked the best.

One of the shops in the Mary Magdalene Guild

The Mary Magdalene Guild is a building full of independent artist and artisans who came together to form a collective. Each person has a room in the large multi-story building and runs their business separately from the others. What I really like about this place is that all the crafts were done right there in their shops and you could stand and watch them make their creations.

Besides simply walking around and admiring the old wooden and stone buildings, the other think I enjoyed in this beach town is….well the beach. Haha. It is a beautiful sandy beach with shallow water. You can play in the water, lay on the beach, go kite surfing, etc. the town has also built a promenade, a concrete path, along the shore. It was a delightful stroll along the beach and then the promenade turned to a raised boardwalk and took a loop around the wetlands separating the town and beach.

I did not do it because I did not have someone with me, but the 2km long jetty has gained a romantic aura as a place for lovers to take walks on.


  • Shane says:


    Thank you so much for the kind words. I do hope my blogs bring some joy to your son’s life and I pray he get through this difficult time in his life. Starting Nov 21st the blogs will be about my time in Israel and Jordan with my parents.


  • Sheila Grant says:

    Love your posts and interesting stories. I am a friend of your parents and graduated from high school with your dad. I am sharing your website with my son, Lance Joplin. I am sure he will enjoy hearing about your travels immensely especially at this difficult time in his life.

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