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What should I pack for 2 months around the world?

By August 11, 2016 No Comments

Some of you may be wondering how I packed for a two month long trip when almost half of it will be in a hot desert area and the other half will either be right next to the Arctic Circle or in Siberia, which is synonymous with a cold area. In order to answer that I will list what I packed:

  • 5 t-shirts
  • 1 long sleeve t-shirt
  • 3 colored button down shirts (they can be worn with the t-shirts or by themselves)
  • 2 pair of shorts
  • 3 pair of pants
  • 1 pair of hiking pants that can unzip to be shorts
  • A pair of thermal underwear
  • 2 fleece pullovers
  • 7 wool or synthetic socks
  • a floppy hat
  • Hiking boots

 Now obviously the above will not last the entire two months with out have laundry done at different times during the trip. The idea was to have clothes that worked individually, but more important that could be layered to keep me warm as needed.

A few other things I packed into my backpack to make life easier:

  • Computer – so I could continue to bring you all the posts you will see through out the trip, do business, and watch a few downloaded movies
  • Electric razor and toothbrush – takes room over manual ones, but want them regardless
  • Plug adapters  – most items can convert either 110 50h or 220 60h, but you have to have the adapters for the different plugs around the world
  • Small power strip – one adapter and I can charge three things at once
  • Toilet paper – something you do not want to be without! Plus I have seen Russian TP and it looks like thick, rough, grey, crepe paper….no thank you!
  • Wet wipes and washcloth – I am told that there are no showers on the Trans Siberian train…..so I have a plan 🙂
  • Kindle, camera, travel documents, ect

One thought I used and would like to share is to remember that people in other countries need the basics just like us and don’t have the access to an Emergency Dentist Newington like we do. So if you run out of toothpaste or need another sweater or need cold medication, ect, ect, ect you can usually find basic things most anywhere (of course it may cost you for certain things). Therefor you do not need to account for everything that could happen. Plan for the best and enjoy your trip. If things happen you can get what you need where ever you are.

I don’t know if you have found this blog useful or not, but I certainly hope you have…..or even better have inspired you to think about where you want to go in the world and what you would take with you.


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