OUR TOP 10 IN BELIZE (part 1)

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A couple weeks ago I shared an article I wrote about the Top 10 in Cuba and it was picked up by All At Sea as the beginning of a month Top 10 series in their magazine. Below is the second article I wrote for that series. I hope you enjoy the preview!!!!!

Lily and I sailed the Guiding Light, our Lagoon 410, through Belize for over three months and I wanted to share our favorite places in this fascinating country.

10) Xunantunich ruins – Located a few miles from the Guatemala border near the town of San Ignacio. This is one of the best Mayan ruins in Belize. While it does not have the size or importance of Chichen Itza or Tikal, it is a fantastic representation of a typical Mayan city. Plus, you get to ride a hand drawn car ferry across the river to get to it.

9) Turneffe Atoll – This is the closest of the three Belizean atolls to Belize City. It lies only seven miles from the barrier reef and helps protect the English Cay Channel. You have a choice of crossing the encircling reef towards the north end on the west side, where you will have the anchorage to yourself, or towards the southern end, where you enter through the Blue Channel and anchor near the Turneffe Island Resort. Either way you will be treated to some amazing unspoiled snorkeling and diving.

8) English Cay – Laying just south of the entrance to the deep, natural channel that leads to Belize City, this small sandy island has seen every large ship on its way to the county’s largest city pass by it. On the island you will find a collection of buildings that house various officials and a light tower with one of the most impressive views of the Belize barrier reef, which is a World Heritage Site. The best part about making a lunch stop at English Cay is that the snorkeling is impressive all around the island.

7) Cay Caulker – A small town only four dirt roads wide on a mangrove island is what awaits you on Cay Caulker. There is a popular beach on the east side of the island and simply walking around town is a joy. But if you want more of a party atmosphere then head to the north end of the island next to “The Cut”. In the morning make sure to grab some cinnamon rolls for breakfast at Cay Caulker Bakery and if you take the mile and a half dinghy ride out to the barrier reef you will be greeted by dozens of nurse sharks and sting rays.

6) Ranguana Cay – This is a perfect little tropical paradise that has a great beach with a very personable bartender waiting to make your favorite cocktail. Given that the snorkeling around the cay is top notch you will have trouble pulling yourself away from this gem of an island.

Tomorrow I will post the second half of the article. I hope you are loving it. Please feel free to share this with anyone you want.

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