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Our amazing charter

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Everyone in the water The Baths Group jump Get your paddle board on

Christian (8 years old)

When we had to wait for my dad the whole day I thought it would be all beach and no fun, but Shane had all of these fun activities to do like paddle boarding, tubing, snorkeling, raft wars, swimming, board games, and fishing. I had so much fun with Shane on the guiding light everyday was a different adventure. Every night we had a different game to play with my family and I had so much fun playing Farkel and Auction. Captain Shane is the best cook ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mario (12 years old)

On board the Guiding Light there was never a dull moment, my family and I were always entertained. Captain Shane had so many tricks up his sleeve. Captain Shane was very flexible about what we could do; there was never an agenda that we had to follow.

Shane is very nice, funny, and playful he would get in the water throw around the ball and paddle board with me and my brothers. I am so happy that we went with the Guiding Light it was so much fun.


Lorenzo (11 years old)

Sailing the Virgin Islands with Captain Shane was so much fun! Captain Shane was always giving us a good time, between inter-tubing, fishing, chilling on the trampoline, playing on the beach, eating at various restaurants and SO MUCH MORE fun activities. It is very hard to choose my favorite thing but if I had to choose, swimming with the turtles was so much fun. You could get close enough to them to even touch them and as long as you were calm, they would be alright with it. Joining Captain Shane on the Guiding Light was such a thrill. I had so much fun and hope that someday I will be lucky enough to do it again.


Ana (mom)

We had an amazing vacation on the Guiding Light! It was our first charter- but hopefully won’t be our last. Shane was very helpful with the provisioning and was really good about educating us on how to really enjoy the island. The boys enjoyed fishing, helping Shane with the boat, diving off the boat, rock climbing through the Baths, landing on deserted islands, and so many other fun activities.  The best part of the trip was the flexibility to choose what we wanted to do and to stay as long on any beach. Every day was an adventure and we will miss Shane and the Guiding Light! Shane saved the BEST for last and we got to swim and with a ton of turtles. Great memories!! Thanks Shane.


CJ (dad)

Hey  Shane,

You are the man! Thanks a million for a great journey. You are a gentle soul with a firm, guiding hand. You showed us a wonderful time. I hope to be able to return to tour with my family and you. We will loudly endorse you to our friends, family and colleagues. Highlights tough to list but to name a few your pizza, your patience with my children, playing new games with them, using your camera to snap turtles, fish and coral (thanks for the compact flashes too), snorkeling the Indians, partying in Jost, feeling the sand in Trunk Bay. The Guiding Light is a special sailing vessel captained by a an even more special man. Many thanks again.

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