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Orient Beach is nice, but….

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Orient Beach

Orient Beach is a fun place to visit and is a great beach with waves crashing onto it all the time. If you visit you will find yourself driving along the beach on a sand road with condo, shops, and restaurants all around you. Unlike other popular beaches I found Orient Beach to have a nice charm to it.

Orient Beach - BuildingsAll along the beach you will find opportunities to partake in just about any water sport you can imagine from jet skis to Kite surfing. There are people everywhere ready to offer you their services, but I did not find them to be terribly aggressive.

Not that I participated, but at the very south end of Orient Beach is where you will find a nudist colony. Some how I do not think it is the Fantasy Island of naked women that I imagine and knowing my luck it would be all guys if I visited. Haha. I did drive along the sandy beach road that went by the nudist colony in order to go past it and drive along the swampy ponds and to the bay to the south. This is where I found solitude, if that is what you are looking for.

Orient Beach - AnchorageOrient Beach is part of the much bigger Orient Bay and there is an anchorage behind Green Cay, but I found it always bumpy there and much preferred anchoring behind Ile Pinel, which I wrote about last week. I did find out the Butterfly Farm was destroyed in the hurricane two years ago. 🙁

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